Any excuse to get together…

Say cheese! the team full of food and worn out from rounders

The end of the season is a time of mixed  feelings, we are all tired and relieved that another exciting season full of visitors is coming to a close and excited for the future “closed” season will bring with its myriad of maintenance tasks which must be shoehorned into a very short space of time.

So with the closure of the garden comes the annual end of summer Premises party on the cricket pitch.

Trepidation as the course is set…

With food a plenty and a fantastic team turn out, it wasn’t long before the games began. This year Marisha and Adam hatched a plan for a “Knole –  It’s a knockout style Olympic special”.

Howsat! Sue tags Lisa out during the game of rounders

Oh it did hurt! jumping the hurdles, treading steps at speed, skipping, weaving between poles, sack hopping and balancing – just like a normal working day!!

Marisha and Rebecca take a tumble

All was finished off with a good game of rounders, we had a fantastic time, now a quick rest and recuperation before the next task.

Mark hits a six, while Steven watches on as the ball passes in a blur


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