Flying the flag (but not for a while!)

The Premises team has a wide and varied work load including the upkeep and maintenance of items people probably don’t even consider.

Last month we called in a specialist contractor to repair our flagpole that tops Masons Tower at our visitor entrance.
As the property sits on one of the highest points in Kent the flagpole takes a battering from the high winds that frequent Knole. These winds not only whip the flag around but also the ropes that raise and lower it. The constant rubbing of the ropes and the metal brackets have worn away at the some of the fabric of the pole. On top of this the constant movement of the pole has taken its toll on the mounting itself.

damage to the base, areas are worn away making the pole weak

damage to the base, areas are worn away making the pole weak

So all in all it was time for a bit of TLC so a specialist was bought in to take the pole away for repair.
You may wonder… how do you get a 20ft pole off a 60ft tower? Take one Landrover, measure and add a long length of rope, stir in a pulley and whisk in some brute force with a big spanner! (Oh and decorate with a good dollop of snow).

The flag pole on it journey down

The flag pole on it journey down

First the flag pole was lowered onto the roof of the tower by pivoting it on its mounting. Once detached it was attached to a pulley that was then attached to a long length of rope secured to a Landrover at the base of the tower. In essence a giant zip line. The guys then carefully lifted the pole over the edge of the battlements at the top of the tower and guided the pole to the ground. We assisted by ensuring the pole didn’t impale the Landrover when it came into land!

there she goes...for a safe landing

there she goes…for a safe landing

The pole was then loaded onto the Landrover for its trip to the workshop. We expect to see it back in about 3 weeks looking spic and span and ready to face the elements again.

How do we get it back into place? – reverse the procedure I guess although we did increase the amount of brute force as sadly we can not reverse the effect of gravity.



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