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Knole on an autumn day

Knole on an autumn day

Knole covers 1000 acres of park land made up of a medieval deer park which is home to around 600 fallow deer and Japanese sika deer, various estate residences, a golf course and not forgetting the magnificent palace of Knole. Its roots lay deep in history with parts of the building dating back pre-1456 the house with its 365 rooms and 100 acres of parkland came into the National Trusts’ possession in 1946.

The Premises team are responsible for managing and maintaining the buildings and the parkland in its possession, ensuring systems and spaces are held and presented in the best possible way and that visitors are blown away by the sheer magnificence of the property and its surroundings. The team pride themselves on keeping the sparkle in place for each and every visitor and strive to keep this standard every hour of every day, every day of every year and for the years to come.

Because of this drive of maintenance and improvement and careful planning go into all activities. It’s a very exciting time at Knole and the Premises team like to be at the heart of it all, supporting all the other teams that make this special place shine into the future.
As well as the strategic maintenance and forward thinking, the everyday jobs are essential. The backbone of the team is the fantastic support that our growing numbers of volunteers offer. Day-to-day this army (currently 30 strong) carry out tasks including the opening and closing of buildings, general maintenance, carpentry, decorating, fire alarm maintenance, events management, health and safety monitoring, clerical support and a host of other fantastic and unique activities.
This blog has been set up to share these behind the scenes activities with you all, showing the strength and the intimacy that the luckiest team in the trust have with this wonderful place.
For further information about Knole and the National Trust or becoming a volunteer go to our website:


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