Meet the Team

Knole Premises Team September 2011

Knole Premises Team September 2011

Hello! and thanks for taking the time to view and maybe contribute to our blog.

Together we are the small and dedicated Premises Team of paid and volunteer staff (paid by tea and cake!…lots of cake!)

May I introduce myself as the blog author and editor, I am Pauline the National Trust Premises Manager here at Knole, appointed to take care of the buildings, systems and NT park area. Ensuring the safety of residents, staff and visitors whilst maintaining and improving the condition of the property for generations to come. I have worked at Knole since the beginning of 2011, joining with a Facilities Management background and moving to Kent to join the Trust from Yorkshire, my birthplace. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this place (about 10 minutes!) and through the seasons Knole offers so much more than you thought it ever had, changing light and weather conditions gives so many opportunities to see the wonderful architecture and colour pallet of Knoles’ richness in many different ways.  It is a great privilege to be part of Knole’s living history and to be someone who will have a gentle impact on the future of Knole is a humbling thought. I intend to share it with you and I hope you love it as much as me.

I am lucky to have working with me an extremely dedicated team.

Marisha – Premises Officer

Hello, I am Marisha, Premises Officer here at Knole.  I have worked here since March 2010 and have loved the experience.  I work alongside Pauline,  I supporting her on a day-to-day basis together with keeping a watchful eye over our Health & Safety compliance. We have a large number of contractors for essential project work, House and Estate maintenance and smaller ad-hoc works.  As you can imagine the task of keeping Knole maintained to a standard that ensures a fantastic customer experience is a huge task.  We are always busy and the role is extremely varied. Ranging from climbing through tiny voids to identify water leaks, up into the attic spaces to maintain security and fire alarm systems and then the next moment assisting in the car park or helping customers to find their way.  Being part of the Premises team means we see things others don’t, one thing I love is to see so many years of graffiti from the various trades over the hundreds of years.

I came to work at Knole following a career in Facilities Management in London and Surrey and it is great to live only 10 minutes away from where you work.  The feeling I get every time I arrive here at Knole in the morning is amazing, I am so lucky to work at such a beautiful place which I have such a passion for.

Steven – Premises Team , Maintenance (Profile coming soon)

Jo – Events and Premises Assistant (Profile coming soon)

Premises Administration Volunteers  x2 (Profile coming soon)

Premises Garden Volunteers x8  (Profile coming soon)

Premises Volunteers x31 (Profile coming soon)

External Partner volunteers x10 – Waitrose (Profile coming soon)

A small selection of the Tuesday Volunteer team

A small selection of the Tuesday Volunteer team


One thought on “Meet the Team

  1. Dear Pauline and Marisha, My family enjoyed a day at Knole this Saturday, particularly because my father Bill Manning took us round and showed us the restoration work he had done over many years when he used to work at Knole (amongst other jobs he did for the National Trust). Bill showed us some really good photographs of his work in the 1960’s and 1970’s when he did restoration work with woodwork. Various chairs, the clock tower, cabinetry and wood panel work. We have talked about the possibility of the National Trust using some of Bill’s work and story to tell present and future visitors about the work behind the scenes that helps to preserve Knole for the future. We all used to live in Sevenoaks for about 20 years, and the association with the walks in the park and the history and beauty of the house will always remain with us. We would be delighted if you are interested in this, and look forward to hearing from you. Yours Sincerely, Paul Manning (now in Milton Keynes).

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